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About Math Circle

Orlando Math Circle is a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to build a diverse and inclusive student community of mathematicians where we increase the quantity and quality of  students who become mathematics educators, researchers or just those who love and use math in their studies, work and daily activities.

MISSION: Create a diverse and inclusive community of student mathematicians.

STRATEGY: Provide engaging and fun opportunities to do mathematics outside of school.

VISION: Equitable access and greater student participation in mathematics.

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More about our mission and goals...

  • Attract and interest kids in mathematics and motivate to excel in mathematics
  • Increase participation of economically disadvantaged minorities in mathematics
  • Prepare for mathematical contests
  • Encourage futures and careers linked with mathematics and science

We will accomplish these goals by:

  • Helping students explore numerical ideas and concepts that are not normally included in standard classroom curriculum through collaborative problem solving sessions, puzzles, games and discussion.  Problem based math circles challenge kids to think by themselves and are a means to level the playing field in STEM education for girls and minorities;
  • Encouraging and facilitating teachers from schools with economically disadvantaged students to bring these students to math circle events and sessions;
  • Providing extracurricular opportunities to build math knowledge and skills;
  • Providing guest speakers to facilitate problem solving and discuss how knowing math empowers you to do incredible things in your life;
  • Bringing opportunities to participate in competitive math events and work on competition math skills;
  • Giving opportunities to students to meet and work with other students of similar or superior math abilities and aspirations;
  • Providing resources including a math lending library and online math learning tools;
  • Providing advice on college selection, summer math programs and internships.

More about our history...

Math circles provide different types of mathematical enrichment activities not offered in the standard school curriculum.  They  originated in Hungary more than a century ago and soon spread over Eastern Europe and Asia.  Math circles have produced many of the great scientists in mathematics and in other disciplines, and eventually led to the start of many national and international math contests, including the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) in 1959 in Romania.  Math circles finally started appearing in United States in the 1990’s spurred by the arrival of emigres who grew up attending math circles and excelling in math and science. Upon arrival to US, many of them returned to teaching in universities, and a few started math circles to open opportunities to students that led them to become mathematicians.

Elementary Math Circle

recommended for grades 1-4

Problem solving and hands on activity based approach with introduction to competition math and opportunities to participate in math contests.

Advanced Math Circle

high school

Problem solving collaborative approach with emphasis on competition math. Participation in community service outreach projects that bring math circle content to economically disadvantaged and minority students.


Can you contribute to sharing the word and fostering the excitement about Orlando Math Circle and its programming in your school?
Your parents permission and signature is required.

Learn more and apply here..

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Orlando Math Circle Ambassador! We welcome the support of those in our community.
Ambassadors commit to supporting the Orlando Math Circle in the following ways:

  1. Promote Orlando Math Circle and its events in person and through social media
  2. Provide teacher contact information in your school and communicate about our events, projects and competitions to your math teacher and the math coach in your school.
  3. Help us identify and rally math talent and interest from your school.
  4. Be the Orlando Math Circle point of contact for your school.
  5. Assist in live events and gather student volunteers from your school for our events and classes.
  6. Attend OMC events
  7. Create or be a part of a team that creates a student math video during each school semester.

Please complete the following questionnaire to apply and have your parents sign at the bottom to give you permission.

Note that your responses will remain confidential until your application is approved and your parents grant permission for Orlando Math Circle to post your information on the Ambassadors page. We strive to respond to all applications within 30 days of receipt.
If your application is approved, we will contact you and ask for a photo to include with your listing on our Ambassadors Page.

    If a student is 13 years old or older he/she may be able to participate online. Younger students have to take the 15 minute test in person.

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