May Guest Speaker, Po-Shen Loh, will talk about “Creativity and Math”

  • Carnegie Mellon Mathematics Professor
  • head coach of US International Math Olympiad team
  • Founder of Expii
  • Saturday May 13, 2017 at 3pm

Please RSVP through this Eventbrite link to reserve as seating is limited.

 check this post , OMC Brings “Math Evangelist”, Dr.Po-Shen Loh, to Speak to Local Students. 

OMC is looking for volunteers with different interests, not just mathematics.

Here are some examples of what you can be doing:

Art Projects: 1. designing and making jewelry and hair accessories that teach math, 2. designing and building a giant hands on exhibit that will travel through public spaces where children can play with it and experience math through dimensions and movement, 3. designing and illustrating a series of booklets with math puzzles and problems that will be distributed in schools and hospitals for children to play with.
Teaching  mathematics through pop up events:  Whether it’s Trainglethon  2017  activities or fun exercise games with a math twist, or  dance moves, you will be helping students understand mathematics through unconventional activities in unusual places as pop up math events.  OMC will provide in person or online training.

Writing: press releases, blog posts, marketing materials, instagram posts.

Website design and maintainance.

Photography and Video production.

Library organization and management: curating books, managing the patrons, book reviews, curating interesting math content for Libib, Pinterest and Flipboard.

Working on events for our different outreach campaigns: Encouraging  Girls in Math and Science , Mathematics  Through Beauty that will focus on math art activities and events, and Mathematics Through Movement


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Contact us if you have any questions: