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Community Sponsors

Our community cares and it shows!



Please support the businesses that support your children’s progress and success!

Thank you to Rosen JCC for providing the space to hold the NASA Scientist, Dr. Yu, Guest Speaker and for the upcoming Math Kangaroo competition.

Rosen JCC

Thank you to Lake Highland Preparatory for hosting OMC community talk guest speaker, Carnegie Mellon Mathematics Professor, Dr. Po-Shen Loh.

Lake HighLand Preparatory School

Thank you to Orlando Science center for providing a bright, comfortable, big room to host the Math Kangaroo Competition. For the first time in Since Math Kangaroo began its yearly competition, Orlando has a center through our math circle.

Orlando Science Center

We celebrated after the test with making Sierpinski triangles and enjoying the delicious food provided by our community business, Bagel King, who are known for the best kettle-baked bagels in town.

Bagel King

Thank you Fastsigns Central Orlando for student contest winner gifts and for such beautiful book marks!

Fast Signs

Central Orlando

Thank you Lakomka Russian Bakery and Deli for providing delicious home baked goods to feed our volunteers the day long Trianglethon Event at the Orlando Science Center.

Lakomka Russian Bakery

Thank you to Tim McDermott Tutoring for providing the newly renovated room for our monthly meetings.

Tim McDermott Tutoring

Thank you Fastsigns Central Orlando for student contest winner gifts and for such beautiful book marks!


Thank you Sonnenfeld analytics for your GREAT SUPPORT!!

Sonnenfeld analytics

A word to area businesses who are interested in sponsoring the Trianglethon…

For every ten dollars donation you make, students will show you their appreciation by creating a unique triangle with the logo of your business in the center. Your money will go directly to teachers who will do this activity not on school time because after testing prep there is no time left during the day.

  • Your $ will go to hire college students who cannot afford to volunteer but want to gain experience in a science field to peruse their dream job.

  • Your $ will go to building a mathematics library based on the students’ interest . It will go to organizing events like math competitions and bringing distinguished guest speakers, like Carnegie Mellon Mathematics Professor, Po- Shen Loh , who led the USA International Mathematics Olympiad team to two consecutive gold wins as their head coach.

  • $10 per triangle: donate for 3 and you get the 1st iteration and the biggest triangle space in the middle is for you to convey your good will in our community.

  • Similarly, donate for 9 triangle $90 or for 270 for 27, which is the 3rd iteration. The bigger the triangle in the middle of your fractal the more good will you will accumulate with our students at all levels of education and their parents

The triangles designs will be created and colored by students, and these will become part of the Trianglethon event that will take place at the Orlando Science Center on March 14, 2017. We will post a photo of your business’s completed triangles on our website along with information about the teacher and school you are supporting.