XXI International Math Kangaroo Competition

Grades 1-12

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Registration for Math Kangaroo 2018 will begin in October, 2017.


Math Kangaroo 2017 Slide Show


  • 75 minute multiple choice test
  • 24 questions (grades 1-4), 30 questions (grade 5-12)
  • Most questions are word problems; they are chosen by The International Math Kangaroo Committee annually.
  • Any student qualifies who can read and work independently at one’s school grade level.
  • Each registered student has free access to online video solutions for questions from previous years.
  • Each participant receives a T-shirt, a certificate and a gift on the test day.
  • Top awards include all-expense-paid international summer camps and college grants.

Last Year Winners:

1.Nikhil Katiyar
Florida State winner
1st place, level 3
National: 4th place, level 3
Pride Elementary School
Hillsborough County, FL

2.Adwaith Praveen
Florida State winner
2nd place, level 3
National: 12th place, level 3
Tampa Palms  Elementary School
Hillsborough County, FL

3.Kateryna Simachova
Florida State Winner
2nd Place, Level 1
National: 15th  place, Level 3
Cypress Woods Elementary School
Pinellas County, FL

4.Brian Lee 
National: 11th place
Tampa Palm Elementary School
Hillsborough County, FL  

5.Amal Francis Papali
National: 18th place
Seminole Science Charter School
Seminole County, FL  

XXth International Math Kangaroo Competition was held on March 16, 2017. Math Kangaroo questions emphasize logic, critical reasoning and creative problem solving. OMC is proud to be the first center to bring this special event to Orlando. We hope that everyone had a great time. We look forward to reaching more students in 2018.