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Three Day Middle School Workshop

School math lessons can only give our students so much. There’s something else they need– something that can only be found outside the structured, test driven atmosphere of the classroom. They need time to explore, to be creative and play with math in an environment where measure of  ‘productivity’ does not lie in the right answer but in the process of getting there with expectations for fun discovery.
That’s why the Orlando Math Circle sponsors problem solving sessions and fun math discoveries for students of all ages, and that’s why we’re so excited about Ruth Estabrook’s upcoming three day workshop, allowing students to discover problem solving skills in a low-pressure, high fun environment. Ruth Estabrook is an experienced teacher with 20 years of middle school and high school math under her belt, but she’s much more than that… she’s also someone who loves math, math puzzles, and math amusements just for the joy of it, and who delights in sharing that joy with students of all ages.
Ruth currently works as senior math editor for a text book company, but she still finds time to help with the Orlando Math Circle’s online problem solving classes, giving students a chance to enjoy her wonderful knack for making even hairy problems come into focus and make sense. We’re very much looking forward to having her here in person for three days of hands-on workshops for middle school students. They will be held on March 21, 22, and 23 from 3:45pm-6:30pm — save the date!
This workshop will be a mix of problem solving, puzzles, math/art connections and mathematics games. Problem solving and activities will be taken from various sources, such as MSRI Math Circles Library books, past mathematics competitions and other books.

Please complete the form below to be informed when registration for this class opens. Spots will be filled on a first come first serve basis.