We are proud to partner with Global Math Project to bring the intriguing, delightful and meaningful Exploding Dots mathematical story to 1,000,000 students all over the world and show how joyful mathematics can transcend borders and unite communities!
The Exploding Dots story starts at the very beginning of mathematics – it assumes nothing – and swiftly takes you on a wondrous journey through grade school arithmetic, polynomial algebra, and infinite sums to unsolved problems baffling mathematicians to this day.

Watch this #explodingdots demo of long division by founder of The Global Math Project, James Tanton!

Posted by Orlando Math Circle on Saturday, October 7, 2017

Tell your Exploding Dots story through a video you make! Hashtag it and share it with the world to connect to others through Uplifting Mathematics for All!

Contest Time - Win prizes, earn community service hours! Be a leader ->You can be responsible for having your hole school participate in #gmw2017, through the math video you make alone or with your friends!


Chance to win $500 for your school: register your school to participate in Global Math Week & share student created math video with #explodingdots on your school’s social media.


The contest is open to any student in any school or undergraduate course in Florida. Homeschooled elementary and high school aged students are welcome to join; they will be eligible for merit based prizes although not for a lottery ticket.
Each video will be a stand alone piece 30-90 seconds long. The deadline for submitting a video is midnight on October 15. Videos may be submitted by individuals or groups of up to five (5) members. Each video will be exclusively the creative work of the student or students submitting it.

In order to enter the contest, you will need to submit your video on the Orlando Math Circle website by October 15 and also be willing to post your video publicly on social media during our virtual event on October 17. By entering the contest, you give the Orlando Math Circle permission to share and/or post your video on their social media outlets, with attribution.


The school which wins the $500 prize will be determined by a random drawing. In order to be eligible for the drawing schools or colleges must be located in Florida, be registered, and have an active math department, class, or teacher.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes will be awarded based on merit. All videos will be rated by a panel of judges, and the videos with the highest score will receive placement. Judges decisions are final.


School must register for Global Math Project:
For school to be eligible for the $500 cash prize drawing sponsoring teacher or administrator from school must register for Global Math Week here:
Parent must register student:
For individual student to be eligible for prize, parents must sign consent and complete student registration form here



  • List for each -name -grade -specialty (ex: math, video, graphics, acting, drawing)