Who Wants To Be a Mathematician?

Did you ever dream of stepping out of the narrow box that is said to define you and what you can do? Ever thought you’d like to be a mathematician? The yearly Games are about to begin, and there’s no better time than now to throw hesitation to the wind and go in for the gold.

The Orlando Math Circle is inviting all local  students to participate in round 1 of the Who Wants to be a Mathematician? National Championship.

The qualifying round one of this competition has a 10 question, short answer and multiple choice  format.  Questions are taken from pre-calculus math and can include algebra, geometry, trigonometry, probability, combinatorics, math history and logic.

This qualifying round, to be held on September 23, is open to all students who want to tackle the subject matter, and it may just be your big chance to shine. No competition background? No problem! We’ll even coach you.

Any student who pre-registers on the Orlando Math Circle’s website will be invited to a special workshop to go over the competition format and help would-be contestants prepare for the games.

It’s all free, but it’s well worth giving it your all.

Those who qualify with a high enough score will go onto round two and finally the top twelve students will win an expenses-paid trip to San Diego for the Joint Mathematical Meeting in January 2018, and will be eligible to compete in the nationwide finals on January 13.  Qualifying for the championship is a great honor, but if you win, you’ll get more than just national recognition and applause—there’s a cash stake as well. Winner of the national championship takes home a $5,000 prize, and this prize will be matched by another $5,0000 award to his highschool math department.

Whether or not they qualify for the final, participants in the national contest semifinals will also be invited to take a short test to qualify for the regional games. The preparation you’ll have if you’ve already done Round 1 and 2 at the OMC will be invaluable in this contest. Although it doesn’t qualify students for the national event, the regional Who Wants to be a Mathematician game boasts cash prizes of up to $3000. It’ll be held at at the Orlando Science Center on November 15.

The Orlando Math Circle is a local math outreach organization with a full schedule of events and programs that inspire and motivate students of all ages to engage with and succeed at mathematics. Their mission is simple: making math real, fun, and accessible to students of all ages and backgrounds throughout Orlando.