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We are planning on building one of the largest Sierpinski Triangles ever built – and you can help!


  • Markers, colored pencils, or crayons
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Triangle Worksheet



  1. Use a ruler to connect the dots that are at the midpoints of each side of the triangle on the worksheet. Color in the upside down triangle that you made.


2.Now you have 3 right-side-up triangles and one upside down triangle. Use the ruler to find the midpoints of the three right-side-up triangles, and use the ruler to connect them. Don’t draw any lines in the upside-down triangle.


  1. Repeat this process by finding and connecting the midpoints of each of the right-side-up triangles. Again, leave the upside-down triangles empty.

  1. If possible, repeat this process one more time, connecting the midpoints of all the right-side-up triangles.
  1. Finish coloring your Sierpinski Triangle so that all triangles of the same size that are pointing in the same direction are the same color.

Worksheet to use For this project:

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