Math Kangaroo Competition (K-12)

Thursday March 16, 2017 at the Orlando Science Center. Sign up for math circle to learn about creative thinking behind the solutions for Math Kangaroo.  Subscribe to get sample problems from various math competitions, receive announcements about events, deadlines for program applications and resources like our lending library.


Registration open until 12/15/16. Choose Orlando Math Circle as the registered center for this location when registering your student at   Registration fee is $20. For financial assistance contact Participants get a T-shirt, diploma, special memento and special prizes for top winners at each level. Prizes are awarded by the national organizers and results are not compared between different countries.  Competition presents students with interesting thought provoking questions arising from different areas of mathematics incuding algebra, geometry and logic.

Math Kangaroo was started in 1980’s by an Australian mathematician and teacher, spread through Europe in early 1990’s and was brought to US in 1998 by Maria Omelanczuk, a mathematician and educator in Chicago.  Math Kangaroo is the largest competition for school students held annually in over fifty countries on the third Thursday of March.  Orlando Math Circle is excited to bring this competition for the first time to our community with the space generously provided by the Orlando Science Center.  We serve our mission to build a diverse student community of mathematicians by providing and promoting access to opportunities like math circle activities and competitions, motivating students to excel and encouraging futures and careers linked to mathematics and science.