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OMC has a wide variety of volunteering opportunities. Whether you are a student, parent or a professional, you will be able to find something that will be a good fit for you based on your interest, passion and time commitment. If you would like to volunteer, please sign up using this form. You can always email or call us if you have any questions.

OMC will train its volunteers for teaching math and other activities:

  •  Teach mathematics through one time pop up events or on a regular basis.
  •  Help create entertaining videos that explain most searched math topics online.
  •  Art projects: design and make jewelry that teach math.
  •  Design and illustrate booklets with math puzzles and problems.
  •  Write press releases, video script, blog posts, marketing and Social media post.
  •  Website design and maintenance.
  •  Photography and video production.
  •  Event planning and execution.
  •  Library organization and management: curating books, managing the patrons, book reviews, curating interesting math content for Libib, Pinterest and Flipboard.
  •  Data entry

MC-MAP Webinar Series.

Topic: Training Math Circle Facilitators to Lead A Math Circle Session
Presented by Dr. Brandy Wiegers, previous Associate Director of National Association of Math Circles.
Recording made 8/24/16

Math Circles combine mathematics, problem solving, and community to create engaging out-of-school experiences for our participants. To support successful Math Circle sessions we encourage you to do some form of training for the individuals who will be doing your Math Circle sessions, we call these mathematicians Math Circle Facilitators.

To help you prepare for these concerns we provide a planning checklist of information to share with your Math Circle Facilitators. This list combined with a basic outline of the Circle Training are provided in the webinar.

This is a product of the NAMC Math Circle Mentorship and Partnership (MC-MAP) webinar series.

MC-MAP is a program of the National Association of Math Circles, and is funded by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, the National Security Agency, the National Science Foundation, and the Clowes Foundation.