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Math Videos

Students: Ask your parents to either email us or complete student registration form if you want to help us make a video.

Adults: if you are over 18 years of age and would like to share your talents and time to help our students create a fun video explaining a math concept that is most often searched online, please complete this form.

Choose one of these math topics to create a video by yourself or with your friends:

  • standard deviation
  • distance formula
  • compound interest formula
  • distributive property
  • Fractions
  • Functions
  • sequence
  • Equations
  • radical
  • standard form
  • foil
  • commutative property
  • percent error
  • exponential function
  • horizontal line
  • least common multiple
  • simple interest formula
  • exponential growth
  • parallel lines
  • factoring polynomials
  • perfect squares
  • geometric series
  • negative exponents
  • improper fractions

Mathematics Through Dance